Have you ever dreamed of hunting the wilderness of Africa, in a place that is reminiscent of a bygone era? Where big game have the right of way and where wild creatures roam freely. Where the mighty Elephant, Hippo, Crocodile, Lion and Buffalo still hold sway and the local human population are largely uncorrupted by the pressures of the modern world.

The Mighty Zambezi River flows though such a place. Nestled between the Luangwa River and Lake Cahorra Bassa, lies Chawalo Safari Area. Perched below an ancient Baobab tree, on the north bank of the Zambezi, the lodge affords a breathtaking view towards the west, up the river. Hippos frolic on the nearby sand banks and Elephant quench their thirst at the water’s edge, adjacent to the lodge, at sunset.

If you are looking for the hunt of a lifetime, to have a chance to hunt dangerous game and plains game alike, in their natural environment, then Chawalo is the destination for you. Here you can pursue Buffalo, Elephant, Hippo, Crocodile, Lion, Leopard, Kudu, Chobe Bushbuck, Sharps Grysbok, Impala, Duiker, Reedbuck, Hyena, Warthog and Bushpig.

Chawalo Safaris offers hunting from May – November, in this remote part of Mozambique. After a full days hunting, taking in the breathtaking landscape and following Hippo and Crocodile through the nearly impenetrable reed islands and wading through countless lagoons and backwaters, you will welcome the comforts of Chawalo Safari Lodge where you will receive exceptional lodging and cuisine. At night as you sit around the fire with an adult beverage discussing the events of the day with friends, you could hear lions roaring and hyena’s laughing in the distance. Stretching out in bed, you will only dream of what tomorrow will bring in the hopes that you will come face to face with the big one and that you will shoot straight!

The 2013 season has been great for Crocodile, Hippo, Buffalo and Leopard.

Dennis Greensage bagged a 15 foot crocodile and 31 inch Hippo. Matt Hammon was succesful with a 14 ft Croc, Hippo, Leopard, Buffalo, Kudu and Chobe Bushbuck. See all on our photo gallery .......

Jeff Olson - Kudu JeffOlsonKudu